We enrich each of your daily meals with the ancient science of vegetable nutrition of India to give you and your family the perfect balanced nutrition, while ensuring that they are easy to prepare, at a fair and socially responsible price.

Our SUPER Foods are 100% free of chemicals and vegetarians, most of them are gluten free and vegan.

We do not add colors, flavors, odors or artificial preservatives.

Ingredients of each product, benefits and instructions.


I have tried all the products and they fascinate me! I start my days with the 7 spice tea and I finish it with a te chai latte! But my favorite product is the super pancakes, they are good both sweet and salty and are super foods! What really falls in love with The Live Green Co, beyond its products, is its vision of a green and responsible 100% world.

Jose Andres Galdames

I love the taste of tea and how easy it is to prepare it. It also gives me a lot of confidence to know that it is a natural product. I no longer drink tea in a bag and I do not think I can do it again after trying this tea. It is also very aromatic and has helped me a lot to prevent colds, which are very common for me at this time of year.

Fernanda Puelpan

The 7 Spices, Super Rice, Super Cuscus and Super Quinoa with Milk that I have tasted have seemed fantastic to me! They always taste excellent and different from other brands. And I love that they are natural and made with a lot of conscience by the environment, besides the super good price. I want to try all the other products! :)

Esteban Cabañas

I tried several products, but I have to highlight how delicious the Teas are! It is my daily breakfast, and I loved the concept of "instant tea" I tried the Instant Blend, and then the Chai Latte, and they are delicious. The right touch of flavor, without being too strong. On the other hand, I also tried the Face Pack mask, and with the first use I saw results on the skin, much softer than normal. Above all, the price is unbeatable. I recommend it!

Mia Gustavino

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