8 tips for a greener life

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8 tips for a greener life

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Fight the CO2 by pedaling!

Do you want a snack but the fridge is empty? Before going by car to your nearest supermarket, remember that driving just one km throws 6,7 kilos of CO2 into the air. Why do not you dust your bike? After all, pedaling only 15 minutes at 20 kms / h can burn up to 15 kilocalories!

Clean your cleaners

Have you noticed your detergents? Most likely they have ammonium, phosphorus and nitrate, which end up in the water and cause irregular growth in the plants. They die en masse, removing oxygen from the water and rendering it useless even for cleaning. Many detergents also have VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are harmful when concentrated indoors and which, when leaving, are part of the smog.

It's a matter of taking a liter of water, add a tablespoon of vinegar and another of baking soda to have your own homemade detergent!

Consent to your garden

Nothing like having your own plants, just taking care of them is so rewarding and zen. But have you noticed all the water that is spent on their care? For that you can use the water with which you cook! It does not matter if it's pasta, lentils or boiled egg, just let it cool and feed your pampered.

The fabric is better and you know it

How many times a week do you use paper napkins? Only produce a It requires up to ten liters of water. That's 33 times the amount of water needed to produce a cloth napkin and wash it throughout its life! So between paper and cloth napkins, you know which is the best option.

You do not need so much water to clean

Washing dishes by hand consumes between 15 and 30 liters of water. There are a couple of tricks you can take into account to spend less. Instead of fighting stubborn stains at the point of water jets, just soak your dish in baking soda and vinegar or lemon. You can also lather all your dishes before turning on the tap.

Well, if you're going to smoke ...

You have to accept it, you still smoke, and there's a good time before the general population leaves. But do you know that 1,5 millions of lighters end up in landfills every year? That's 1,5 millions of plastic boxes, each with butane gas, all made from petroleum! Better use matches ... or, if you can, stop smoking.

Edward Cullen is in your outlet

Vampires are real, but they are not bright or look like Robert Pattison. They are in your outlet! Any device plugged in that is not in use is sucking energy. Chargers, televisions, everything. You can connect your devices to a running shoe so you can disconnect them in just one pull.

Separate your garbage!

You do not have to install a clean point in your house to manage your waste well. You have half the way done just by getting another garbage can! There you can throw away plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, clothes and fabrics as long as they are dry and clean. If there is dirt or food on anything other than paper or cardboard, wash it and let it dry before throwing it into the jar. If you have glass put it aside so it does not break. If you do not have time to go to a clean point, there are always Apps that can help you and give notice to recycling professionals so they can pick up your waste at your home or nearby.

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