Sustainable Eco-friendly Life: Only For The Rich?

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Sustainable Eco-friendly Life: Only For The Rich?

by Priyanka Srinivas

Why do you take that juice? Why do you eat of that product? Your containers are made of plastic, should not you be against that? They are always the same questions, as if by being a founder of The Live Green Co you should also be an activist! I think we urgently need a global change towards a sustainable life, but that does not mean I have to be an activist.

Let me explain why:

Being 'Green' must be a way of life, not a constant effort. This change is only possible if it is convenient, not if you have to deviate from your path to adopt it.

It's funny when companies join the fashion of the natural. It usually turns out to be more of a marketing tactic than a true change. For something only the rich can afford that lifestyle.

A vegan burger or healthy lunch may be so fashionable that even Will Smith will endorse it. But how often will you buy it if it costs more?

The change will only happen if it is easy to adopt for the masses. We used to be investors of a food delivery company in Bangalore, India. Believe me when I say that the struggle to be green was hard. However, there were no viable options for solar energy or biofuel. The biodegradable containers suffered from leaks or were too expensive. Very few customers were willing to pay more.

When the government banned plastic, many SMEs lost their livelihoods while sharks like Coca Cola and Nestle left intact. What followed was obvious: the black market flourished and the government bureaucracy became more corrupt.

Being sustainable has to be a way of life. For that you have to meet three important rules.

-Knowledge: The common man needs to understand the 'why'.

-Accessibility: It has to be at a wide range, in the most convenient places.

-Economic: Its price has to be within reach of the masses.

Is it a surprise when I say that activism is not enough?

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