Your New Year's resolution can save the world!

Your New Year's resolution can save the world!

Your New Year's resolution can save the world!

We survive one more year without melting. Super!

Fortunately, more and more people are putting the planet instead of themselves at the center of their New Year's resolutions. It is not that they put on a cloak and fly around, giving a lesson to the polluters. After all, big problems like global warming do not need superpowers, but people of day to day making day-to-day decisions. Anyone can be a hero! You do not even have to leave the office!

There are many ways in which you can make the 2019 a better year for the planet. It depends on what you want to do. Maybe you are already taking actions. Maybe not. If that is the case, do not worry! 2019 will be the year you start. Even small things can help, just ...

You have to get off the couch!

Someone once said that, to start the revolution you have to order your bed first. Why not start at home, then? It's easy: Cooking with the lid on to spend less gas, unplugging electronic devices before leaving, separating your garbage, reusing glass jars instead of buying plastic containers. A couple of activities like these are very beneficial!

Once you get used to doing these things, you may want to make your 2019 even more eco-friendly. But how? You only have a couple of free hours a day, and those are the hours when you usually go to bed for a long day's work. Well, at some point you have to go to the supermarket, right? Make it part of your green adventure! After all, that's where you can use the best weapon that mortals like us have against the big polluting companies:

A wallet

In the aisles of the supermarket you will find many beautiful photos with "100% natural" printed under the logo. What they do not tell you is all the carbon and water emissions they spent to get to those shelves. Thousands of people around the world are consciously choosing not to buy that kind of product, thus hitting the big shots where it hurts: in your pocket. And believe us, the big shots listen.

Opting for a local option instead of an industrial option ensures your support to small farmers who grow their products in an ethical and respectful way towards the planet. The best place to do that are markets such as Vega and Tirso de Molina.

Well, now you raised your green levels a little more. Cool! But maybe you feel that you still need it. I have been able to accomplish all this, but I know there must be something more I can do this year, you think. Let us make a proposal:

What if you become a vegetarian? Or even vegan?

Maybe you had thought about it before, either for health reasons or as a form of protest, but you had your doubts: Will I have enough willpower in this barbecue society? Today, however, there is no longer any doubt as to whether society will one day accept vegetarianism or veganism. The correct question is when.

Do you remember when we said that the big shots end up listening? In Finland, in a matter of just seven weeks, the McDonalds vegan burger that was on trial, ended up being such a big success, that it became a permanent menu choice! As restaurants and companies increase their offer of vegan products, the planet breathes a little more as a result. The Economist even called the 2019 "The Year of the Vegan"! That will surely help fulfill many New Year's resolutions (Pssst, we also have vegan products ready to ship to your home).

But maybe you are an irremediable carnivore, you love meat too much to leave it. It does not mean you can not do anything about it. Why not try the #Lunessincarne challenge and eat a vegan dish that day? Vegan food is so rich that we promise you will not even notice!

You see? You do not require anyone else's commitment than yours. It's just a matter of replacing certain routines with others. You will not spend overtime and, at the end of the day, you can still lie on the couch and watch Netflix. Show the world that working for an eco-friendly 2019 does not require any effort! Anyone can be a #HeroedeHorasLaborales.

Are you not sure if you are a #HeroedeHorasLaborales? Answer our test and notice!

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