Our Story

About Us

We are Pri & Sasikanth, a traditional Indian couple who lives in Chile.

We studied in the best universities of the world and worked with reputable multinational brands. But, what we like to do most is travel and make friends. Ask the hundreds of Chileans who we have hosted over traditional Indian dinners at our home.and you will know how much we like to share cultures!

We dream of living on a farm surrounded by the ocean and loved ones, while we experience and build solutions for a sustainable lifestyle. We prefer to sleep under the stars and laze on the grass! We wish to lead a minimalist life, while we seek happiness and Ikigai (Japanese, for 'purpose of life').

How we founded The Live Green Company:

During the course of our work, we travelled through the United States and Europe. We saw how, all over the world, herbal/organic/natural products are only for the rich (they cost twice as much as normal products). However, they are not 100% chemicals free. And the amount of plastic and pollution-emitting production methods they use surprised us!

This reminded us of our traditional Indian upbringing. After spending our childhood in Indian villages, sustainable living has been an integral part of our lifestyle. As children, we brush our teeth with neem twigs. The grandmother prepared her own shampoo, with shikakai (soap nut), hibiscus and other natural ingredients that are grown in the backyard. Mom made her own dish scrubber from discarded coconut husk. Everything was reused or recycled. In general, we lead lives that were in perfect harmony with nature.

Then, we realized that our upbringing Traditional Indian, together with our education and international exposure, can offer effective solutions to make sustainable living convenient and at a fair price ... a way of life.

And that's how We founded The Live Green Company ... to return to our roots and work for the well-being of our families and our planet.

Dear friends, imagine: the brand 100% natural, economically and socially responsible ... From Chile, to the world!

To contact us for anything, or just to meet us with a coffee, write to pri@thelivegreenco.com. It is really when we say that we love making friends and sharing cultures.

Pri :)